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by RAPMAGAZINE - 27 March 5261 Views

Dylan known as Dylan Billiondollars is a new 15 years old upcoming artist.
He started making music at 4 because it's is his passion, and he was brought up by his parents that play hip-hop around the house like Tupac, Biggie, etc. This is what he want to do, and this is what he desire.

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Interview Section With Dylan Billiondollars
If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?
"If I could collaborate with any artist, it would probably be “Ella Mai”. Firstly Ella Mai is a huge inspiration to me, and I genuinely love her music. If I was to collaborate with her, I would definitely lean in onto the rnb side of things, and make some soothing, rnb/trap music."
What differentiates you from the next “wannabe” rapper?
"My flow, my vocals, my beat selection and the way I present my self, tells a difference in how I am different in this game. I’m inspired by Tupac and Biggie Smalls, in the way I flow and represent that G Funk way of Rap. While all the new gen rappers, clone other rappers, and make similar"
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