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Jaiyel Valerio known as JV Getabag is a new 15 years old (born. 4th March, 2007) upcoming artist from “LA, California”. His passion for music is very strong. He wants to get rich with his music and help other artists from his town. JV Getabag quotes: “I was always into music due to my cousins and whenever I would listen to music I would just have a connection with it . One day I went to my cousins party and one of my cousins was talking about how he had a studio and was into producing and engineering , I told him I trynna get into the Stu then he told me to do a freestyle for him And it wasn’t the best but he saw potential ”.
Growth is also a big part of what the up & coming artist is doing musically & you can hear it in his new content, music was what he was born to do. His cousin lived far from LA, he lived in Rancho Cucamonga, who is around 1 hour and a half drive from LA, so he couldn’t make it and get into studio time with him. He makes his own songs at home and engineer his own music all at home by himself.

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Interview Section With JV Getabag
If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?
If I had the chance to colab with any artist it would probaly be more of Jay Cinco, Stunna gambino, Lil durk, lil baby
What differentiates you from the next “wannabe” rapper?
What differentiates me from a wannabe rapper is like I’m doing this for the money for my passion to get a name for my self and for my family most importantly I feel like there’s no other option I feel like I’m the chosen one or my family to make it out.
How do you plan to breakthrough?
I plan to breakthrough by releasing hard music I’m consistent in making music but not consistent in dropping because I always make hard songs and I don’t like releasing another song after I made a hard song because I feel like that song would take the shine from that song.
Difficulties of the come up?
The biggest difficulty on the come up I had was learning how to make my own music at home and to mix it.
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