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by RAPMAGAZINE - 15 June 137 Views

Mr. Oyeah (Cheedoe) is a new upcoming artist born. January 31st, 1992, currently 30 years old. He has been writing music for 20 years, and his passion for music is very strong. He wants to get rich with his music and help other artists from his town.

Cheedoe quotes: “Cheetos are my favorite chips, specifically the hot kind. So I’m 19in the lab and I’m like the hottest I feel, I’m going by Cheedoe lol. Ironically it also means “Cool” in Spanish. I have faced a lot of challenges in life. Growing up in the inner city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin was no joke. I saw a lot so young that made we want to work harder to escape. Before graduating high school, I was incarcerated for my behavior and fighting, so the older I got I used that anger to push my music and it has seemed to be the fuel for some of the best music of my life!”. He is currently releasing the “Book of Joshua chpt 2” of his mixtape series and “Cheedoes Legacy” a collective tape hosted by DjLegacy! Which will both be available on all platforms Real Soon. Growth is also a big part of what the up & coming artist is doing musically & you can hear it in his new content, music was what he was born to do.

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Interview Section With Cheedoe
How did you get started making music?
I started making music after my mama bought me a journal, she wanted to work on the way I talk to people lol and it just stuck.
Who do you listen to in Hip Hop/Rap?
I listen to a lot of different artists, I like lil baby, da baby, da Migos, j.cole, drake man it’s to many to name.