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by RAPMAGAZINE - 15 April 782 Views

Darren's Way is a artist from “From Brooklyn New York”, born and raised. His passion for music is very strong. He wants to get rich with his music and help other artists from his town.

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Interview Section With Darren's Way
How did the journey with music start?
My Journey with music really began in childhood. I can recall times of my life where my Mother was showing me Hip-Hop from her time and my Grandmother on the other hand was there to teach me the oldies and Gospel. Since childhood I’ve been writing. I think I’ve finally found the confidence to add a voice to the words written.
What was the trigger point made you decide to get into music?
The Trigger Point for me deciding to make music was watching the artists I love around me create and seeing the joy creating did for them. I wanted to feel that too. Plus there’s a few artists out there I knew I was better than lyrically & by far.
What inspires you most?
My family inspire me most. Everything I do is for them. Leaving a legacy also inspires me.
What would be your dream collaboration?
Dream Collaboration, hmm, I’d have to say for sure Nas, or Cole. Definitely gotta tap in with Larry June & Spitta as well.
Who are your most favorite singers of all time?
Fav singers and Rappers of all Time are definitely Nas, JCole, Mos Def, Aaliyah, Grand Puba, On the more street side G-herbo is fire with the words.
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