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Death Don Furcon's New Release, "Forever Flow Club Edition" Is Projected to Reach Over 100k Streams! Could This His Next Hit?

by RAPMAGAZINE - 30 June 338 Views

Death Don Furcon's new release, "Forever Flow Club Edition" has been gaining traction rapidly. Recent marketing projections suggest this could be his second song to reach 100k or more Spotify streams. The question is, could this be the beginning of his rise to fame? Furcon claims that "Things are finally coming together." His buisness manager, A Major, states, " When the ball starts rolling like it is for Furcon, its only going to roll faster. The hardest part of achieving massive career growth is actually getting the ball rolling, but when you are able to build enough momentum that you can consistently reach high streaming numbers, sell out shows, and gain followers, its smooth sailing to the top of the charts from there." In the rap industry, its not every day that you see an artist go from just a few streams every song, to surpassing 100k streams for two songs in a row.

We will see how things continue to progress, but it is without a doubt that you should check out "Forever Flow Club Edition" on streaming platforms and listen to other music by Death Don Furcon.

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