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Death Don Furcon Releases New Single “Forever Flow (Club Edition)”

by RAPMAGAZINE - 23 June 1023 Views

Internationally known rapper, Death Don Furcon ( nicknamed "Shyne Gotti" ) is no overnight success. Starting his music career at just 10 years old, he has more experience In the rap game than most other musicians his age. With hundreds of songs and several albums released, he has made a footprint in the industry. In addition to his personal accomplishments, Shyne Gotti also is a member of "Project 50 Bandz." The group is a rap group consisting of several talented rappers with the same goal: to make their way to the top of the rap industry. Between his personal accomplishments, and the accomplishments of "Project 50 Bandz," Death Don Furcon is well on his way to sitting on the throne of rap music.

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