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by RAPMAGAZINE - 5 May 927 Views

Boss Lady 365 known as Denequia is a fast-rising talent grabbing the attention of the urban music scene. Her unmatched flow and delivery on the mellow-paced single “The Mud” feel good to your ears and soul. From start to end, the artist brings out an ounce of sincerity within her personal lyrics.

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Interview Section With DENEQUIA
If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?
If I could collaborate with an artist I’d love to work with Chris Brown, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar , Lizzo & K. Michelle . To me their styles are unique and they have mastered the art of switching up when it comes to the msuic they create. I love it.
What differentiates you from the next “wannabe” rapper?
I am do not consider myself a rapper because I am not one . My style is unique I sing , write music , act & I am a small business owner / entrepreneur. I dabble into the hip hop genre but I have a creative way of laying vocals whether it be via singing or providing a flow pattern to better enhance a a dope track.
How do you plan to breakthrough?
By just being me! If it is meant to be it will happen. I am not the type of person to demand or push myself on others. Gods purpose for me is to motivate, uplift & provide a message . And that’s what I am doing the right supporters will cling to what I have to offer , fall I love with my style of music & me .
Where do you think the future of the music industry lies?
I don’t know to be honest I am sure a lot of artist would say the same thing . But if I had to guess I say that things have changed . Think about it we went from cassette tapes ,to cds to streaming music on platforms . So now, we’re dealing with labels trying to understand the payout and new artists emerging everyday with hopes to be successful in the music game . I honestly feel that in a minute the Music Industry will be filled with Indie Artists . Everyone, wants to make money off their artistry it’s so easy through social media to gain support & make money. The Music Industry is evolving into something that is great financial gain for those artists who work hard & invest in their craft . It feels to me like there’s going to be a switch up and a new genre of music on the horizon titled “Undefined” ! That’s the genre I belong in . I switch up my style a lot so it’s fitting.
Dificulties of the come up?
Some difficulties I have faced I am sure so many artists can relate to issues of staying consistent & finding / building a solid fan base . Everyone will not love your music but there’s billons of people in the world. You have to keep working , keep showing up , when you perform leave it all on the stage and market your BRAND! Be willing to invest in yourselves some artists get started and don’t have a budget . You can’t be successful like that . It takes money to make money! That’s a known fact.