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Interview Section With Elijah Taylor
If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?
Right now Don Toliver or baby keem. They have versatile and unique sounds and I consider myself to have as well. So I think are styles would mesh perfectly.
What differentiates you from the next “wannabe” rapper?
I don’t make rap music just to make money. I want the Recognition way more, I’m very competitive so My goal is only to be the best rapper ever!
How do you plan to breakthrough?
By consistently being true to myself as an artist. I don’t want sound like any other rapper. I am not afraid to be weird, fail or to be looked at as different.
Where do you think the future of the music industry lies?
The feature of music lies with rappers who have a wider range of styles & sounds deriving from all genres of music.
Dificulties of the come up?
The most difficult but fun thing about coming up in the rap industry is not having a blueprint of exactly what it takes to become a professional artist. No one who became a rapper knew exactly what it took to become a rapper until they did it!