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by RAPMAGAZINE - 3 June 124 Views

Hund0 Spazz1n says:
"I go by Hund0 Spazz1n. I was born in Bronx, New York, now spending my time in Williamsburg VA. I come from a music background, with my mother being reggae's finest Foxy Brown. I first learned how to write at 7 years old, but I never took it serious until about 14 years old. Producing beats has always been my favorite aspect of music. I can get lost in a beat, and I love how instruments work together."

Listen the track "Nothing New" on SoundCloud

Hund0 Spazz1n says:
"I currently have 2 projects out, How.Unappreciated.Niggas.Develop.Overnight and Y'all Get What You Asked For. I recommend on YGWYAF to listen to the first song Wipeout and Twisted Metal. Also focus on the beat selection of the entire album and flows to match. On HUNDO, listen to Fade Away and Motion. Fade Away (and also Legacy) are the songs I show my hidden ability, my singing voice, as I pour emotion over words that might sadden you. Motion is hard for sure, that song shows my flow and lyrical genius right on the money."

Listen the track "Demons" on SoundCloud