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by RAPMAGAZINE - 13 August 326 Views

Southern artist “JD”, or better known as "JayDiante" is one of Carolina's most interesting rappers, he gained immediate recognition with 2019 summer single "JD Who" with both the triller and music video going viral on Instagram, since then Jaydiante has developed a promising career in hit making with songs like (Demon Time, JD Why, Tip Son, Bad Days) and abounding number of songs from the Carolina's music scene. We continue to follow Jaydiante and his hit parade in 2022 as the young artist insists on completing his checklist subsequently without seeing and obstacles

Still HOODRRICH JD is personally one of my favorite mixtapes from the young artist because you can hear all the pain betrayal & excitement in the mixtape. From the first track to the end of the mixtape . It starts off as a man on a mission for revenge then takes a turn and he opens up to us about how he is “trying to play my part but I don’t play like that” and sets a brighter tone to the mixtape . This mixtape is loaded with timeless music that we will be playing from the compilation for at least the next 2 years with tracks like Tip Son , Bad Days , & Lead Single , JD Why and much more . We are excited to see what’s he has up his sleeves next .

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