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Lil Barrt Releases Album "Dream Shopper"

by RAPMAGAZINE - 2 July 427 Views

Lil Barrt Like ‘The Simpsons’ but, with two R’s. Born in Atlanta, Georgia. Raised in Cherokee, North Carolina. Starting music at 16 just for fun, he is now 21 years old. Releasing project after project, this artist has stayed consistent within the past 4-5 years. From collaborating with other underground artists from the 828 area to making songs with some of the hottest artists in the Atlanta underground scene, ‘Lil Barrt’ is now starting to make his own name in the music industry.

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Lil Barrt says:
I recently just dropped a project called ‘Dream Shopper’ It’s actually out now on all major streaming platforms. Although I love the music & my passion for the art is strong, I have to admit that I like to release my art with a message. Anytime I think about a title, tracklist, or even a cover, I think about every aspect. You could say I’m very hands on with my work. I like to think when you click play on that first song, you step into my world. You get to hear me, my sound, my taste, the words I have to say. If you listen all the way through ‘Dream Shopper’ you’ll actually notice that every song transitions into each other. To me it’s the details that matter. Like I said, every aspect I take into consideration. You have to be mindful of how listeners are going to interpret certain things & at a certain point (to an extent) you have power of persuasion. These kids, even adults, look up to these artists. Even the ride or die fans that I have, look up to me in some aspect. When people listen, your voice is heard. So I make sure that they hear my story in my music. I make sure that my listeners can resonate with my music, in their own way.

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