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Lil Lean Releases EP 'Untouchable'

by RAPMAGAZINE - 7 July 1531 Views

Josh Tate, better known as Lil Lean is an Atlanta based artist, but is originally from Detroit. Lil Lean sends a message to world with his EP ‘Untouchable’ about getting his respect. People around him claim he will never become a successful artist in the hip-hop scene, and constantly have doubts about his rap ability.

Back in August of 2021, Lil Lean dropped his first album ‘Take Me Serious’ right before the start of his senior year. He chose this title because of the negative feedback he received from girls, athletes, and his peers. Lil Lean would drop 2 singles, one called ‘Major Pain’ which was a diss track towards a D1 talent basketball player at his school. The other was named ‘Myla’ that was about a girl he had feelings for. Both songs earned thousands on streams, and grew his popularity.

Lil Lean featured a few industry names like Autumn Marini and Byno Slim to add to the hype of the album. The success of his first project left some of his peers in envy. They tried to ruin reputation by spreading lies on social media, but it wouldn’t work. All the success and drama led to inspiration of ‘Untouchable.’

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