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Caleb Kenard known as MoFetti is a new 17 years old upcoming artist from DeKalb County, GA. He started making music when he was 11. His first song is called "Sorry" . He actually has a video of it. If watching the video, you can see the growth from then to now. His favorite childhood movie growing up was Let It Shine and he used to write the lyrics to the songs when he was bored, he knew every song word for word and that's what inspired him to start making music , what made him really approach it is that he has family members who also make music and that's what made him give it a go.

His number one song right now is "Lately" , and he feels like that's his best song because of the type of style he brought to it and the way people say they relate to it, all together the song is a vibe and he think that was the first song he ever made with that kind of style/vibe to it. He wanna get global with his music. He has few plays in a few different countries but he wants the whole world to know his name. He wants be up there with Lil Baby, Young Boy, Rod Wave and all the other great artists that are killing the rap game right now. He wants multiple plaques, multiples billboard appearances. He wants to be everyone's favorite artist. He wants to perform all around the country and worldwide and he wants be there for the people, that's his overall goal. In the 5th grade, he used to write a lot of rhymes whenever he had the chance using a pen, and paper and eventually he turned those small amounts of bars into whole songs, and before he was using distrokid to distribute music, he used to be a SoundCloud rapper, recording straight from his mother's closet or his basement with nothing but a laptop and a cellphone. Now he goes to the studio and gets professional mixing and mastering.

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Interview Section With MoFetti
If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?
If I could collaborate with an artist it would be YOUNGBOY because I like his diversity and the way he switches up his flow on certain songs, he's one of the artists I listen to when it comes to diversity and listening to him helps me with my diversity as well, I would also collab with NOCAP, quando rondo and ynw melly for the same reasons, all of them are considered my top 5 artists along with rod wave and Lil BABY.
What differentiates you from the next “wannabe” rapper?
I'm different from the "wannabe" rappers because for one I don't consider myself a "rapper" I consider myself an artist, a lot of "wannabe" rappers all sound the same, but if you listen to my music you can hear the difference between me and anyone else from the same city as me, also music has been my passion since a child, always has been in no matter what I do in life it will involve music, I live for music, if I were to stop being an artist the next thing I would do is probably make beats (i already sometimes do) and write songs for people, I also want to become my own engineer and learn how to mix and master, eventually i wanna even have my own artists and own my own studios, become a producer and own a record label, so yea like I said whatever I do in life I want to be in the music industry, my whole life revolves around it because it's literally my passion.
How do you plan to breakthrough?
My plan so far to breakthrough is trying to be as consistent as possible and continue to make connections with people, as far as consistency i made a plan that for the year 2022 i have to drop at least one song a month if not more, i have been doing good with that so far...that's my way of becoming more consistent, i also want to attend a music institution once i graduate high school in 2023 so that i can expand my opportunities with music and make the connections i need, i want to perfect my craft and better my skills and learn more about the music industry and music business.
Difficulties of the come up?
I would say the hardest difficulties of the come up is money and exposure, in the music industry u gotta have money, it's not a cheap business, so me for an example I may want to go to the studio, but I may not have the money for it, so things in terms of that I think that was kind of hard, and the exposure part is well you know, coming from a city (Atlanta) where everybody is making music its hard trying to get the recognition I deserve, its hard trying to get a large fan base and get as "known" as I would want, but it that just comes with time and connections and the fact that my parents don't really support me full on with my music career I mean yea they may acknowledge every now and then, but they don't give me everything I need to be the best at it, they are more so worried about my education than my music (which is understandable especially because they're educators) but yea that's really it.
Where do you think the future of the music industry lies?
I think the future of the music industry involves me taking over, lol but no seriously I think it'll just be survival of the fittest, everybody won't last, but music is forever and whichever artists continue to take initiative in their careers then I think those are the artists who will still be standing.
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