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by RAPMAGAZINE - 9 October 1938 Views

Born Hashim Fleming Paperboy Lani developed his love for music at the age of 12. While rapping for uncle Mobeatz who was a popular rapper and producer Paperboy began to strengthen his craft. Although music was in him at a early age he didnt start taking music seriously until after he obtained his bachelors degree in Business. In 2020 Paperboy Lani invested in himself and funded his own tour called scheming a 4 state 25 cities tour. That began to create momentum and more revenue for him as a artist. He began appearing on major blog sites and music platforms like Dgb off the porch, shade 45, and say cheese tv. In 2022 Paperboy Lani released a single called "One Hell of a Life" and began touring with paid bookings. The "One Hell of a Life" tour has now seen 8 states and over 55 cities.

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