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Riskyisme's 'Summer Freak!': A Steamy Summertime Delight

by RAPMAGAZINE - 22 July 627 Views

Swiftly following on from his 11 track sophomore project ‘Locked In’ released in April this year, Riskyisme is keen to keep fans captivated and any competition on their toes. Back in action and ready to share more new music wizardry, Riskyisme is set to reveal the song of the season.

Listen 'Summer Freak!' on Spotify

With impeccable timing, new single ‘Summer Freak!’ via See More Records will be available for all to add to their Summertime playlists, just one week after the season of heat has officially begun. Prepare to let loose and get all kinds of sweaty with Riskyisme’s - ‘Summer Freak!’.

The Toronto born and raised rapstar is no stranger to the stage, with two projects behind his name and over half a million streams and counting, Riskyisme is taking it all in his stride as he makes his mark on the musical world. Now revealing fiery new single ‘Summer Freak!’, he makes an utterly explosive return. Taking no prisoners as he steps back onto the stage, Riskyisme is claiming the spotlight that he so rightfully deserves.

Dripping with confidence, daring and just the right amount of audacity, ‘Summer Freak!’ is punctuated with attitude and perfectly layered with Riskyisme’s infectious energy and tenacious flow, pulsating like a fire throughout every beat.

Playing up to his name, this new single carries a welcomed Risqué atmosphere, with flirtatious lyricism and plenty of innuendos, he reminisces on a past Summertime fling. Hoping to conjure the fun, relatability and all encompassing nature that often features alongside an intense, romantic but short term relationship, where all parties are aware of the expiration date.

Riskyisme is set to take Summer 2023 by storm, beginning with the anthem of the season ‘Summer Freak!’.

“I made this song while I was reminiscing of a summer connection I had with this girl from my past. The song displays a perfect representation of a summer relationship that’s fun but gone once the summers over. With the song dropping right as summer starts, I know that listeners will gravitate to it seeing that it’s fun, catchy, and relatable.”Riskyisme