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INTRODUCING -- ARTIST "rockstarcliff"

by RAPMAGAZINE - 29 April 524 Views

Rockstarcliff (album Carmens Way ) 20yrs old, born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. He felt in love with music at an early age. He grew up in a small city where country music is the focal point. After high school, he dropped out of college to pursue music full time. He started out making music for fun & to stay out of trouble, and He instantly felt in love with the escape that creating music gives. He wanted to change the music culture in my city, and open the doors for other creatives as well. His plan is to break the music barrier completely and give people the purest, most honest music.

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Interview Section With rockstarcliff
If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?
If i could collab with any artist I would have to say Kanye West & Drake. the first albums i fell in love with are Yeezus & Nothing Was The Same.
What differentiates you from the next “wannabe” rapper?
What separates me from other artists is i have a unique story to tell and i believe that my message will cater to every emotion the listener has. not just happiness or sadness, but everything in between.
How do you plan to breakthrough?
I plan to expand my friends and my collective called “YARN”. finding the best creatives in our city to build something great with.
Difficulties of the come up?
Coming up out of a small city can be very challenging like everyone knows, but anything worth having takes time and hard work. I have an amazing team around me & friends who want me to succeed and we keep each other focused and motivated.
Where do you think the future of the music industry lies?
I think the future if the music industry is going in the right direction. There are alot of talented artist in the underground scene who are game changers. I believe my art has the ability to make an immediate impact on the industry.