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by RAPMAGAZINE - 23 August 1026 Views

STUDLY Started out making music after having some traumatic experiences at a younger age of 15 with family life, and custody problems between split parents. Music has always been a way of relief for STUDLY, but he never thought that he would be making his own. Growing up, friends turned into closer family and we’re actually a big part of starting off his rap career. Friends encouraging STUDLY to rap opened up a door into his emotions, to where he could find a place of peace when he rapped his lyrics and wrote his lines. After graduating high school a year early at 17 STUDLY went to the military. While he was gone, he had left his high school sweetheart behind. 2 weeks left of his long training period of becoming a soldier, STUDLY’s only motivation through the whole thing was soon crushed. He had found out he was cheated on while being gone, which put him straight into some of the darker places in his life. A week after getting back from his training STUDLY made one of his first songs on “THE MANIFEST” album “MISERY”, which opened up a gate way to his music career and the rise of “STUDLY”. 17 songs, countless days, countless nights, and countless hours later “THE MANIFEST” would soon be completed. STUDLY’s first project to be produced. Working with some of the biggest producers in Utah, to soon having hit songs with other big time industry artists. “STUDLY” the hottest local rapper in utah will soon be known by all.

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