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Professionally known as Swego , pseudonym Prince of Portland. He is a Nigerian-American singer, songwriter, entertainer, and actor. His passion for music is very strong. He wants to get rich with his music and help other artists from his town. Swego is an all-around talent he really can do it all, he explains he makes music off his emotions so that’s the reason why you hear so many different styles and sounds from him. He explained he might be sad, mad, depressed, or happy and however he is feeling that is how the song will come out. Keeping it real with his fans in his music is something he described that he takes great passion in. He would never want to guide anyone in the wrong direction in life and takes great responsibility for all of the lyrics in his music. Swego’s greatest skill is his ability to blend a wide range of sounds into a lovely song. In his new song “Ready” you can hear that harmony. Everything is set out in such a way that it puts your mind at ease.

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Interview Section With Swego
What motivates you to keep going with music?
What motivates me personally is my passion for singing & making music coupled with the pursuit of success. I dream of living the way I want to live, being able providing opportunities for those around me and leaving a path for the next generation.
How does the music you make now compare to music you made when you first started out?
My music back then was really in a budding stage compared to now. Musically I was focused on building my craft and testing my versatility in different genres. My older tracks still hold sentimental nostalgia for some of my core fans, but I believe my music now really took leaps in overall delivery & production value.
How did you get started making music?
From an early age, I crafted and honed my singing tenor vocal range. Most of my experience came from growing up in the church and participating in choirs. I would say I’m mainly self taught in learning to make music but, I had many musical influences from artist such as Micheal Jackson, Usher, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Wizkid and many more to help me find my way. My music is generally R&B, but I frequently like to display ingenuity & blend my craft with other genres such as Hip-Hop, Pop and Afro;
How did you come up with your stage name?
Swègo was a nickname of mine growing up that stuck with me and somehow natural fit with my music persona. Prince of Portland is another nickname I started getting called after dropping a bar that said “prince of ptown got a new face” from there the title took on a life of it’s own.
Who do you listen to in Hip Hop/Rap?
I don’t generally listen to a lot Hip Hop/Rap I gravitate more to RnB & Afrobeat music, but I’d say currently I listen to Drake, Future & Lil Baby.