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“The Kyd” Releases New Single, “Sedgwick Avenue” in collaboration with Detroit MC Dango Forlaine

by RAPMAGAZINE - 25 July 3218 Views

On July 22nd The Kyd released his new single “Sedgwick Avenue” in collaboration with Detroit MC Dango Forlaine.“Sedgwick Avenue” is 2 minutes and 27 seconds of old school, hard hitting bars to an ominous, boom-bap made by producer Blaize Wareham. The Kyd exercises his smooth flow and pays tribute to legends and those who founded hip-hop, including people such as DJ Kool Herc, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and the late Biz Markie. While Dango Forlaine adds his own heat to the track in the second verse, paying tribute to legends in the Detroit hip-hop scene and claiming the city’s importance to the genre. The pair’s flows and lyricism make for an excellent overall sound, with each artist being extremely talented.

The KYD is a rapper from Chatham, Ontario, Canada and currently based in London, Ontario. He started getting into rapping initially in high school after a friend recommended they try freestyling one rainy day when they couldn’t go out skating. Writing and recording raps then turned into a regular thing to do for fun on weekends with a group of friends. Upon hearing albums like Nas’s Illmatic and others from the Golden Era of the ‘80s and ‘90s, this eventually would blossom into an obsession with the culture that has led to where The KYD is now.

Dango Forlaine is a rising artist in the Detroit hip-hop scene who has attained a reputation for his sharp lyricism and dynamic flows that can fit any sort of track. He recently appeared on Detroit legend and former D12 member Bizarre’s latest album on the song “Smith and Wesson.” His latest projects include an album “Mazmanadium” and an EP “Eastside Swanny,” both released in 2022.

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