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by RAPMAGAZINE - 18 April 953 Views

Ollison Wheeler known as Young Wo is a 28 years old artist from “Dallas , Texas”. His passion for music is very strong. He wants to get rich with his music and help other artists from his town.

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Interview Section With Young Wo
How did the journey with music start?
The journey with music started in middle school I was singing alone to pretty Ricky blue star and my sister told me I sound good so I linked up with other people who was doing music and elevated myself.
What was the trigger point made you decide to get into music?
I started to over come my fear and knew I needed to expand my talents I never knew I had this talents I that was a trigger for me.
What inspires you most?
My life of struggling and being alone was motivation learning to be independent as a kid no childhood I had to become a man.
What would be your dream collaboration?
My dream collaboration are with Gucci Mane MoneyBah yo and Chris Brown.
Who are your most favorite singers of all time?
I like Chris Brown and Usher as my favorite singers of all time.