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The “Most Hated Demon” SupremeKnockin Went From Star on The Field to Super Saiyan Producer/Artist

by RAPMAGAZINE - 9 January 237 Views

SupremeKnockin is a new 24 years old artist Born and raised in Lynn Haven Florida.

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Interview Section With SupremeKnockin
How does the music you make now compare to music you made when you first started out
“Versatility changed me in a great way . Thanks to my personal in house engineer Nick Lang. We grind like crazy day & night , weather we in the studio or not.”
What motivates you to keep going with music?
“My kids and my haters definitely motivate me. I love my true fans. Being into music was never about the money , more of the fact how I can create something and it can move a crowd of people weather they sad or super turnt. My music is for any crowd because I have no genre”
How did you come up with your stage name?
“Lol honestly SupremeKnockin came about me sitting in my bedroom when I was 11 years old playing call of duty black ops. I just knew I wanted to be different , I knew I wanted a name that no one ever had . So yeah SupremeKnockin is who I am. Look me on google I’m the only one. Over 40K followers on twitter , I’m independent , always have. Possibly always will be”
How did you get started making music?
“Oh man , 2016 was a crazzzyyy year cause what I’m mainly known for is making beats , so I was always connected with industry people . Mainly Ski Mask The Slump God. I was producing for him back in like 2015-2016 wayyy before he blew up. So yeah I guess always being locked in the studio with other artists gave me that drive to start recording music . Came mid 2016 . Believe me when I say … I PUT MY WHOLE CITY ON ! Everybody was dropping their projects through me , I was a mixtape host & I was producing on their projects & dropping them on spinrilla. I really inspired everyone to start making beats. I’m like the Dr Dre in my city. But I’m the hardest. They know that . They love my sound & im inspired by that”
Who do you listen to in Hip Hop/Rap?
“I listen to a underground but coming Rapper King Simmy , his style different . I listen to Boss Toolz , Future & mainly myself. I’m my biggest fan bro . Theirs this app I pretty much monopolized called Rapchat . Within a year my music topped with over 4.5 million streams with 50K a month active streams. So with those type of numbers I’m always motivated to keep putting out more.”
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